About Us

Who We Are

B. Hoffmann & Associates o/a BHM Enterprises specializes in helping corporations in Canada improve their bottom line by finding tax savings and helping them manage the indirect tax areas of the company.

Our over 100 years of experience and understanding of the tax codes and business operations allows us to bring our expertise to our clients and work with them in a collaborative fashion in order to help them realize tax savings today and in the future.

It’s an approach that is Creative, Customized and Comprehensive!

What We Do

Taxes are unavoidable. But there is no need to pay more tax than is actually required by law. Oftentimes, there are ways for corporate entities to reduce taxes, especially indirect taxes. The challenge, of course, is to find them because, sometimes, they are not easily recognizable, especially in light of the complex nature of our tax codes; other times, they are simply overlooked—hidden in plain view if you wish—which can be the most difficult type to find.

That’s where we come in.

Like a forensic scientist who knows exactly what to look for in finding appropriate evidence, we, similarly in the indirect tax realm, have years of experience in working with large and small corporate accounts and have trained our eyes so as to find the evidence we need to justify a reduction in the amount of transactional tax our clients might otherwise be paying.

The result: a significant increase to your bottom line!

How We Are Unique

More than indirect tax consultants, we are experts in finding transaction-based tax savings for corporations and take a hands-on approach with our clients, working with them from inception to full implementation, so that they realize maximum benefit from our services.

As a result, we offer a full-spectrum approach to our service offerings, with a seven step process customized for your company that may include:

–       an assessment and analyses  of your tax compliance processes
–       recoveries of over paid taxes
–       process planning, and our proprietary
–       Profit MediationTM

It’s a very personalized approach to meeting your specific indirect tax requirements, one that enables us to become an extension of your company as we work collaboratively with your various business units, departments and/or team members.

Through the work we have done through the years with key government regulatory agencies, we have developed relationships of trust with them and understand what they require in terms of documentation, processes and approvals. As a result, we can, through the work we do with your organization, pre-empt challenges you might potentially experience with them, helping minimize risk and audit exposure.

What Are Your Objectives?

Goods and Services Tax (GST):
Harmonized Sales Tax (HST):
Quebec Sales Tax (QST):
Provincial Sales Taxes:
Excise Taxes:
Environmental Levies:
Fuel Taxes:
Stewardship Fees:
Insurance Premiums:
Customs Duties:

Thank you for visiting our website. Whether you found us because of a specific indirect tax issue or whether you are contemplating cash savings opportunities for your company – Welcome. We help corporations improve their bottom line through our transaction-based tax services.  We take great pride in finding creative customized solutions for our clients and then implementing those solutions so the benefit can be fully realized. Creative. Customized. Comprehensive. We invite you to join our select clientele and put our expertise to work for you.

– Barbara Hoffmann (President & CEO)