Tax audits are a fact of life.  Governments will audit to ensure compliance with the legislation.   At BHA, we know that tax audits can add complexity to an already busy schedule.  Our Audit Team are experts at managing tax audits, so you don’t have to.



Our tax professionals provide innovative solutions for your indirect tax compliance needs. Our innovative approach solves compliance challenges to deliver advice and assistance on tax returns so you only pay as much tax as required.”

Tax Planning

Corporations may have various objectives in meeting their financial goals, Whether you are planning a new product offering, process or have undergone a review, BHA can help ensure your plans result in the payment of the least amount of transaction taxes while keeping those objectives in mind.


Tax Recovery

Taxes are programmed into most systems so that compliance time is minimized. However, sometimes, systems fail.  Our unique process, customized to your specific business model,  identifies over paid taxes, recovers them, and works with you to ensure that system fixes are in place to avoid error repetition … saving you time, and money.



Whether it is a financial transaction, cross border transaction, sale of a business unit or corporate restructuring, BHA’s experienced indirect tax professionals can advise your company on the implications of transaction taxes. Leverage our industry, practice, and government experience to understand applicability and current trends.


Supply Chain Projects

Today’s competitive environment applies constant pressure to supply goods and services on a timely basis.  In this real time world, inadvertent errors can be made with respect to taxes.  BHA’s supply chain review process aims to remove hidden taxes that would ordinarily not be discovered.

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